Ventura Board addresses changes

The Ventura School Board voted Monday to expand Rob Cassidy’s duties as principal from grades 5-12 to K-12.  Cassidy will receive no extra compensation for the work.
    “We are only two weeks away from the start of school, so it would be difficult to do our due diligence in finding a part-time principal,” Superintendent Tyler Williams told the board.  “In talking with Rob, I feel confident he can handle the job.”

    Williams, who was attending his first Board meeting as the new leader of the district since a sharing agreement was signed last week with the Garner-Hayfield School District, said his own experience as an elementary principal, along with the veteran staff in place in Ventura’s elementary grades, will make Cassidy’s transition into the lower grade levels easier.   Cassidy has no previous experience with elementary education.
    “I think I have a good feel for what the elementary teachers and students want and need,” said Williams.  “I will have an office in the elementary building and will be available to help Rob and mentor him.  This is not a “Band-Aid® or piece meal approach to filling this position.  I suggest it because it is a good fit.”
    Cassidy, replaces Brian Rodemeyer, who elected to take early retirement incentives after he received word that a district court judge upheld an eight-month suspension levied against him by - Read More Via e-Edition

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