Two-year agreement reached for CL teachers

Re-design of salary schedule results 4.4% package increase

    The Clear Lake Board of Education approved a tentative agreement with the Clear Lake Education Association for a master working agreement for the 2012-2014 school years Monday night.  The CLEA membership had approved the agreement, which provides a 4.41 total package increase, prior to the board action.
    The contract was reached after a redesign of the salary schedule aimed at attracting quality new teachers and recognizing those who pursue National Board Certification.

    Superintendent Anita Micich said she believes many goals were met in achieving the two-year contract, thanks to the collaborative work from CLEA and the Board Teams.
    “Sandy Christ, Board Team member, spent many hours researching salary schedules across the state for comparability standards.  It should be noted that although our current salary schedule was comparable at the upper salary levels and even the mid-career levels, we were not competitive for beginning or those teachers who elected to stay in the district between years one through seven or eight.  In order to meet our collective goal to be able to attract and retain high quality teachers at all levels something had to occur for those early years,” said Superintendent Anita Micich.
    In addition to this redesign of the salary schedule, financial recognition for those teachers who choose to pursue the very intensive process of National Board Certification would - Read More Via e-Edition

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