Truck, ice shack sink in lake

A pickup truck pulling an ice shack broke through the ice near Dodge’s Point on Clear Lake’s south shore late Friday afternoon and sank.

Christopher Cash, 40, was driving eastbound on Clear Lake at approximately 4:30 p.m. Friday when the 2004 Chevrolet pickup broke through the ice 

about 450-feet west of Dodge’s Point. Both Cash and a passenger, 24-year-old Branden Schare, of Clear Lake, were both able to safely get out of the truck before it sunk.

The truck is expected to be removed from the lake within a few days. 

Ben Bergman, a DNR conservation officer, says recent high winds have been hitting open water around aerators, causing wave action under the ice that can create soft spots. He says people driving on the ice need to pay attention to the wind speed and direction.

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