Three on the ballot in Ventura

    Three Ventura City Council Representatives are unopposed in seeking re-election on Tuesday. 
    Darwin Avery and John Quintus say they were motivated to seek re-election to see projects such as the Main Street/West Lake Street street project get completed after several years in the planning.  They, along with Mike Thackery, also note they hope to make a difference and help the community grow and move forward through their service as Council members.

    Avery has served on the Council since 1991, while  Quintus began serving in 2000.  Thackery is seeking election after being appointed to fill the vacancy made by the resignation of Jim Frederick earlier this year.  That term is set to expire Dec. 31, 2011.
    When asked about the challenges facing their community, Avery and Quintus said the economy, in general, presents challenges for their town. 
    “There is uncertainty about our school district, employment and the stability of the economy in general.  A few years ago we issued 20 building permits for new homes a year.  This year we have issued one,” said Quintus.
    “The balancing act of balancing tax revenues with expenditures, while providing infrastructure upkeep (water, streets, sewer), along with police and fire protection, as well as maintaining and providing for our city employees,” is a long term challenge,” said Avery.
    Avery has been employed at the elevator in Ventura since 1978 and has served as the location manager for the elevator since 1994. 
    Quintus is a life-long resident of Ventura who is a 30-year employee of CL Tel.  He currently serves as fire chief for the Ventura Protection Association.
    Thackery is employed by Pepsi.

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