Texas Governor Rick Perry campaigns in Clear Lake

    Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry revved up his campaign with a stop in Clear Lake Saturday. 
    Perry proudly accepted the “Freedom & Liberty” coffee blend created by Cabin Coffee owners Brad and Angie Barber at their Clear Lake shop.  The coffee is named after Perry’s Ostrich boots, hand-made after 9/11.  Perry tells the story that he was having the boots made in the summer of 2001 and the craftsman

asked what he wanted on them.  After the 9/11 tragedy, Perry decided to have an American flag on each boot, the word liberty on the left and freedom on the right.
    The large crowd which welcomed Perry Saturday afternoon was treated to the the candidates’ down-home, easy manner, as well as his message of too much federal regulation, government bailouts and Obama Care.  Perry referred to four years under President Obama’s leadership as “an experiment that failed.”  He pledged to bring government spending under control and reduce the role of the federal government in people’s lives.
    During his stop in Clear Lake, followed by a town hall meeting at Mason City’s Music Man Square, Perry stressed his plan to pass a balanced budget amendment to rein in government spending.  He asked for voters’ support to get a constitutional amendment through Congress which would require a balanced federal budget.  He also favors a 20 percent federal flat tax. 
    Perry reminded voters that he is “the outsider who is not tainted by all - Read More Via e-Edition

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