Surf Ballroom is ready to kick off summer with camps for all ages


No need for bug spray or a sleeping bag-- the Surf Ballroom is ready to kick-off a summer camp program for all ages centering around music.

“With the rich history we have here, why not explore music and the arts and music and kids?” asks Nicki Barragy, Surf Ballroom and Museum education coordinator.  “We are a working ballroom and are a big part of what Clear Lake is all about-- we are excited to fuel that love of music.”

Barragy, who also teaches vocal music for Clear Lake Schools, will lead five camp sessions throughout the summers.  Sessions are available for toddlers to 12th graders.  In addition, a free film series is open to those age 16 and up.  

The camps will kick off next week with Rock ‘n’ Tots, open to those walking age to five-years and their parent or guardian.  Pre-registration is not necessary for the program, which will meet Mondays, June 3 and 17, July 1, 8, and 22, and Aug. 5.  Barragy likens Rock ‘n’ Tots to a kindermusic program, but with a rock and roll feel.  The sessions will include a music-based story, followed by activities based upon the story.   Barragy said she developed the program when asked by the Surf’s Board of Directors to expand the education aspect of the Surf’s mission.  “We may play some air-guitar and we’ve got some small instruments to try out.  There will be some circle games and we’ve got some movement scarves, to name a few things,” she said.  The one hour session, from 9:30-10:30, is $33.

“Sound” and “Making Music” are designed for kids in kindergarten through sixth grade and will be offered in two sessions, June 24-29 and July 29-Aug. 2.  Both meet from 9-10 a.m.

The $25 fee for “Sound,” (kindergarteners through second grade), includes an instrument making kit.  The $20 fee for “Making Music” (third-sixth grade)  includes materials.  Participants will use every-day items to make music. 

Those who are interested in performing may enjoy “The ‘S’urf Factor.”  After meeting June 10-14, or July 15-19 participants - Read More Via e-Edition

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