Students learn to make a positive difference by saying thank you

    There’s been a lot of lessons learned in the first semester of the school year, but for Clear Lake Middle School students one of the most significant has been the simple act of saying thank you.

    “Making a Positive Difference” has been the theme for eighth grade students this semester.  Although the students have discovered there are numerous ways to make a difference, a recent ceremony was devoted to honoring a person that has made a positive difference in their lives.  Students were asked to choose a “hero” in their lives, then wrote a thank you to them during English class and created a blue ribbon in art class to present to them during a special ceremony. 
    Parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, siblings, pastors, soldiers, neighbors and others were asked to come onto the school stage as  each student approached the microphone and read their remarks their chosen guest, then presented their “hero” with a blue ribbon.
    The idea for the special ceremony came from the book, “The Richest Man in Town,” by VJ Smith.  CLMS teachers have been reading the book with their homerooms for the past four years, explained CLMS Art Teacher Shirlee Taylor.  At Taylor’s request, the author visited the school and talked about the main character in his popular book, Marty.
    “Marty was a Walmart cashier in Brookings, S.D.  He was considered rich because he cared about each customer. He talked to them, shook their hand as he handed them their change, looked them in the eye and thanked them for shopping at Walmart,” explained Taylor.  “He taught the author three life lessons that he shared - Read More Via e-Edition

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