Student representatives to join the Clear Lake School Board


The board who is charged with providing the tools to help students build a productive future has invited student representation.

Clear Lake High School junior Hannah Monson and sophomore Chrissy Tesar have been elected by their peers to provide student input to the Clear Lake School Board.

Student Council mentor Seth Thompson said the board suggested student representation at their meetings with hopes of getting input from the student body in their discussions.  

“I think it will be a benefit to both these students and the School Board, as the students will get some insight in regard to their School Board and the Board will get some insight from a viewpoint that can easily get overlooked.  I applaud our Board for seeking out the viewpoint and perspective of our students and am optimistic that this program can improve our schools here at Clear Lake.”

Monson and Tesar recently attended their first meeting and while neither has an interest in a career in education, administration or politics at this point in their lives, each called the experience interesting.

“It was more intense than I thought it would be,” said Monson.  “The last time I went to a School Board meeting was my freshman year and they were talking about jobs that could be cut.  It was better to see that we are in better circumstances now.”

Tesar’s father, Mark, is a member of the School Board, but she admits she typically doesn’t talk about the Board’s actions with him.  That might change now, she says.

The CLHS students will discuss the School Board meetings with the Student Council and will be the messenger to the Board with comments from students and teachers at the high school.

Antonio DiMarco was selected to be the alternate from the junior class and Lindsay Kearns was selected as the alternate from the sophomore class. 

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