Strength, conditioning program may continue into school year


The Clear Lake School Board is expected to extend a weight training program, overseen by a paid professional, from a summer camp experience into the regular school year.

Volunteer Coach Jared DeVries and Activities Director Dale Ludwig spoke with the Board Monday night and shared a plan which they say will help athletes, as well as students in general, become more 

physically fit and encourage general wellness. 

Although no formal action was taken, the Board indicated its approval of an eight-week summer camp  for fifth through 12th graders which will utilize the CLHS weight room.  The camp will be overseen by one person, yet to be named, with a background in weight training.  DeVries and Ludwig said the person put in charge of the program will work with coaches, but will be the “one voice” instructing strength and conditioning practices.

DeVries, who said he is in the CLHS weight room almost every day as a volunteer, said he sees a “very disorganized” program, with different coaches teaching different things.  And although he would like to keep coaches involved, he stressed a person educated in weight training is needed.  

Fees collected from a summer weight training camp, which will begin in June, will pay for the program’s leader, according to DeVries and Ludwig.  They are hopeful those funds will cover continuation of the program into the 2013-14 school year.

No money from the district’s general fund would be used for the program.  However, School Board member Sandy Christ suggested monies in supplemental programs supporting enrichment - Read More Via e-Edition

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