Reading, writing, and reporting? Fourth graders will tell their stories


The Clear Lake Mirror-Reporter is teaming with fourth graders at Clear Creek Elementary to share school news with our readers, while hopefully polishing their writing skills, learning about different types of writing and having fun.


Fourth grade teacher Troy Einertson approached the newspaper after students began a letter writing project.  Students asked their teacher about the possibility of writing a regular news article for the Mirror-Reporter about their school activities.  

“I said I would ask, but it was their job to try and persuade the paper to do this,” said Einertson.

And ask, they did.

A packet full of persuasive letters arrived at the Mirror Reporter.

“My class should get an article in the paper because my class and I work our hardest at writing,” shared Rylee Smith.  

Some students suggested they could not only write about school happenings, but projects aimed at helping the community, as well.

“The stuff I will put in the paper is finding good homes for animals that have been abused,” wrote Emily Myers.  

“My friends and I have started a group called Friends for Change.  We are raising money to help people in need.  I joined the group, not only because I want to have fun and feel proud, but I want to help and make a difference.  Would you want to help by doing what we are?” asked Lauren VanHorn.

Other students, like Jillian, are considering writing columns.  “I’ve always wanted - Read More VIa e-Edition

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