Random Rocks of Kindness

by Michelle Watson
    Amy Palmer has found a unique way to incorporate a hobby with spreading some cheer and fun.  Palmer is using her talent of mosaicing to create “Random Rocks of Kindess.”
    “I’ve become addicted to Pinterest (an online idea board).  I combined a few different ideas I found there,” said Palmer. 

“I was inspired by mosaic rocks done by another artist and I also read about a group of women who painted small rocks and then scattered them in public and private gardens.”
    Palmer’s “Random Rocks of Kindness” feature various mosaic patterns making each one unique.  Palmer believes in recycling items, such as beads, jewelry, china and pottery for her designs.  Customers are encouraged to purchase a rock and secretly place it in a friends’ garden with an added word of cheer or a favorite verse written on the back with a felt marker.
    “I enjoy all aspects of creating the rocks - especially the hunt for uniquely shaped rocks,” said Palmer. “I’ve had fun involving my son and my friends in the hunt.  Luckily I have some friends who own farm land and are happy to keep adding to my rock supply.”
    Palmer also uses the project as a means to give back to the community.  Half of the purchase price of the Random Rocks of Kindness will be donated to Trinity House of Hope Women’s Shelter in Mason City.  Palmer is hoping that by the end of summer she will- Read More Via e-Edition

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