RABGRAI meeting scheduled March 29

On Saturday, March 29, RAGBRAI is hosting a Pass Through Town meeting for the towns on the Forest City to Mason City route in July 2014.    At this meeting Clear Lake and Ventura will find out guidelines for their role as a pass through town on July 23.  

According to Dianne Thompson, chairperson for Clear Lake’s RAGBRAI activities, one obvious expectation for Clear Lake will be hundreds of volunteers to be a part of RAGBRAI XVII.    Volunteers will be asked to get involved with various tasks both prior to and on July 23, she said.

“One activity which hopefully will appeal to groups, clubs, and organizations is selling food,” she said.  “Most vendors who follow RAGBRAI will be in Mason City that day, so the local organizations have a fantastic opportunity to do some fundraising.  There will be many guests in town early for breakfast and snacks and perhaps as many as 20,000 people in Clear Lake for lunch.”


Chyrl Bergvig, vendor chair for Clear Lake’s Steering Committee, will share information in the Mirror-Reporter when specific pass through vendor information from RAGBRAI is available, but anyone having general questions about being a food, drink, or other type of vendor can contact Chyrl at any time, 357-2014.

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