Public hearing scheduled for Surf district streetscape work

A pubic hearing has been scheduled for Monday, June 18, to receive public input on proposed streetscape improvements on North Shore Drive which will link the recently completed Three Stars Plaza and Buddy Holly Place with the historic Surf Ballroom.
    The City applied for a Transportation Enhancement grant in 2011 and was awarded $87,138 to construct the project. The cost of construction is conservatively estimated at approximately $200,000.

    The proposed plan has the north side of the 400 block of North Shore Drive being reconstructed with brick pavers. Roadway islands with colored stamped concrete, tree grates, and trees would be constructed at the driveway approach entrances to the Surf Ballroom parking lot to better define the on-street parking area. The driveway approaches to the Surf Ballroom parking lot would be reconstructed, including adding storm sewer intakes to improve storm water drainage and reduce the amount of water draining directly into the street.  New street lighting of the same make and style as Three Stars Plaza and Buddy Holly Place will also be placed to further enhance the streetscape and promote a safe walkway for pedestrians at night.
    The Council is considering bid letting for the project July 17.  The letting would be coordinated through the Iowa DOT in Ames. It is anticipated that the Council will consider - Read More Via e-Edition

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