Proposed noise ordinance quieted for a year

    Saying he wants to compromise, City Councilman Jim Boehnke proposed the City Council step back from its pursuit of a noise ordinance for a year.
    Boehnke said he doesn’t think the community wants a noise ordinance, but he wants to compromise and believes more study and communication is needed before any action can be taken.  Three others on the Council agreed Monday night and the proposed ordinance was tabled until the first regular Council meeting of May 2013.  Council

representatives Terry Unsworth, Mike Callanan and Dana Brant voted in favor, while Tony Nelson voted no.  Nelson pointed out the Council has identified the issue in its strategic goal planning sessions for two years and he supports the ordinance.  Changes have been made in response to public comment and such an ordinance could remain fluid, said Nelson.
    City Administrator Scott Flory went through several modifications made to the proposed noise ordinance, with most involving slight changes in the hours in which power equipment could be operated. 
    The 30 people attending the meeting acknowledged improvements had been made in the ordinance, but still had questions about its need, enforceability and real purpose.
    “This ordinance is meant not to eliminate motorcycle riding in the City of Clear Lake.  I own one and want to keep riding it,” said Police Chief Greg Peterson, who has taken much of the criticism for the proposed law. Peterson asked the Council to consider tabling the issue so that further research and public input could be received.  “We could probably improve upon what we have,” he said.
    The decibel levels identified in the proposed ordinance drew the most criticism from the - Read More Via e-Edition

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