Proposed noise ordinance moves ahead

First of three readings passes on 3-1 vote

    Despite some rumbling from about 20 persons attending Monday night’s meeting, the Clear Lake City Council approved the first of three readings of a new noise ordinance for the community.
    The second reading of the ordinance will be held at the next council meeting on May 21.

    Councilman Tony Nelson said he appreciated the public input he has received and comments shared at the meeting, but feels the approximate half dozen revisions made to the original draft of the ordinance addressed primary concerns about the measure. 
    “I think this is pretty sound. It’s important for us, as a city, to have one place to find this information about noise in general.  I’m always open to amending it, but I think this a good starting point,” said Nelson.
    Councilman Terry Unsworth agreed, calling the ordinance a fluid document.  “If it’s wrong, we’ll change it,” he said.  However, Unsworth said he thought revisions made to the first draft, such as moving up the hour at which snow blowers and other powered snow removal equipment could be used (now 4:30 a.m. rather than 5:30 a.m.) had brought it more in line with the public’s wishes. 
    Nelson, Unsworth and Dana Brant voted in favor of the ordinance on its first reading, while Jim Boehnke opposed it. Councilman Mike Callanan was absent from the meeting.
    “I’m struggling with it.  I’m not in favor of putting restrictions on people,” said Boehnke.  “I understand there are instances - Read More Via e-Edition

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