Police: Theives are looking for openings

 Clear Lake police are encouraging residents to keep all doors locked and remove keys from vehicles in the wake of a rash of burglaries and thefts in the past week
A total of 18 burglaries and thefts have been reported to the Clear Lake Police Department between Aug. 9 and 18, according to Christina Yates, civilian support 

supervisor at the CLPD.
One of the latest victims of the crime spree is The Anchor Inn, 468 North Shore Drive. Liquor was reported stolen, along with kegs removed from the business’ kegerator on the patio sometime after closing Saturday, Aug. 16.
“The Clear Lake Police Department would like to remind citizens that even though Clear Lake is considered a safe community, we urge citizens to keep property secured,” said Chief Rex McChesney. “Please lock all vehicles and structures, including garages. Please do not leave any valuables unattended.”
Lt. Deb Ryg, echoed those words Monday night during a report to the City Council.
“We encourage people to give us a call if they see any suspicious activity. We’ll check it out,” she said.
Ryg said most of the thefts have been reported in the northeast portion of the community. 

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