Police issue warning to residents in wake of thefts

The Clear Lake Police Department is advising residents to be sure doors are locked on their vehicles and homes in the wake of a series of recent thefts.

According to Clear Lake Police Chief Pete Roth, the department took five reports of thefts from eight motor vehicles on Sunday, Jan. 21.

Sometime Saturday evening to Sunday morning, approximately eight vehicles were entered and miscellaneous articles were taken in the north central area of Clear Lake.   In one report, an unknown person or persons rummaged through the glove box. The items taken ranged from  DVD’s and money, to sunglasses and credit cards.   One theft from a pickup  truck was parked inside the owner’s garage.

It appears in all cases, the vehicle doors and the one garage door were unlocked.

“We remind everyone to lock their vehicles and doors on their homes/garages. Also, do not leave valuables inside your car,” said Roth.

The incidents remain under investigation. If anyone has information regarding these incidents, or to report newly discovered thefts, contact the Clear Lake Police Department at 641-357-2186.

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