Police investigation yields charges after unreported New Year’s Day crash

    Clear Lake Police have charged a Garner man in connection with a rollover crash that went unreported in the early morning hours of New Years Day.
    According to Clear Lake Police Chief Greg Peterson, 20-year-old Skyler Vega rolled his pickup truck on East Lake Street in Ventura at 3 a.m. on New Years Day.  The truck

left the roadway and damaged a mailbox and some fencing belonging to the Baptist Camp before coming to rest on its top. Vega lives in Forest City and was driving to Garner from Clear Lake when he lost control of his pickup truck.  With Vega at the time of the crash were 14-year-old Alexa Book and a one-year-old boy who Book was babysitting.
    After the crash, Vega solicited help from a nearby Ventura resident and was able to right the truck and pull it into the driveway of the resident who assisted him.  Alexa Book then called her mother, Penny Book, who drove over from Garner and picked them up.
    The crash went unreported for four days, until the mother of the one-year-old boy who was with Alexa at the time of the crash got wind of the incident. She took her son to the hospital Emergency Room to have him checked out.  Doctors reported that the boy was fine. She then called the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office who began to investigate the incident.
    Authorities from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office contacted Penny Book, who confirmed the details of the crash and told them that Skyler had been injured in the crash and was receiving treatment for his injuries.  After determining that the crash had occurred in Ventura, the Hancock County - Read More Via e-Edition

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