Police chief responds to candidate’s criticism

The Clear Lake City Council handled a routine agenda Monday night, but the meeting ended on a pointed note as Police Chief Greg Peterson responded to criticism his department received from At-Large City Council candidate Peter Lagios.

As he does at all Council meetings, Lagios stepped to the podium during the citizens opportunity to address the Council about items not on the agenda.  In a report of his findings on the campaign trail, he noted a resident had asked the police department to address speed issues in the vicinity of Clear Creek Elementary School.  Lagios said the resident had been turned down on a request to place a speed radar trailer in the neighborhood and was told it was not a priority.

Although he shook his head during Lagios’ remarks, Chief Peterson held his rebuttal until near the end of the meeting agenda when his report to the Council is due.  Then he unloaded on the would-be Councilman.

“We respond to every request for service we get and I resent the suggestion we ignore people in the community,” said Peterson.  “I have spent 40 years in law enforcement and worked hard.  We have 14 professional, dedicated police officers who are well trained and exercise good judgement.  Our priority is the citizens of this community and their safety.”

Peterson went on to say the department enforces all laws and uses reasonable judgement in their enforcement.

“Yes, we prioritize, but we do not ignore any call,” said Peterson.

He added that purchase of the speed radar trailer was made at his impetus, and he and department members raised the $14,000 necessary to purchase the unit and trailer it to requested locations.

“We handle hundreds and thousands of crimes.  Just look at the paper,” continued Peterson.  He noted recent headlines have included the prosecution of two - Read More Via e-Edition

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