Polar blast!

Area sees coldest temperatures since ‘95

It was the kind of day you may tell your grandkids about some day.  Heck, it might be the kind of winter you tell them about!  The coldest, most dangerous blast of polar air in decades gripped Clear Lake, along with the entire Midwest Sunday and Monday, closing schools and day care centers, closing businesses and forcing people to pull their hoods and scarves tight to protect exposed skin from nearly instant frostbite.



Temperatures reached -20 locally, with wind chills figured at -40 to -60 Monday.

Clear Lake Postmaster Robert Hartfield said his postal workers were more bundled up than usual, but went about their work.  In fact, personnel tolerated the conditions better than technology.  Scanners used on the job were having trouble, but came around when held inside the workers’ clothing.  

“It (the cold) is slowing things down-- the carriers have permission to warm up 10-minutes or so in the vehicle between their loops.  It’s not how fast today, it’s how safe,” said Hartfield.

Clear Lake and Ventura schools joined most in the state, and all in Minnesota, which called off classes due to the brutal cold. 

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