Plenty of color, no wind for annual kite festival

    Mother Nature cooperated with the organizers of Color the Wind on Saturday, but only partially.  The weather was warm, the ice was safe and the blue skies were beautiful, but there was little or no wind. 
    And everyone knows you can’t fly kites without wind!
    The kite pilots who came from eight states did their best to put on a good show for the thousands of people who came to Clear Lake for the event.

    Event organizers Larry and Kay Day reported precision flying teams “Fire ‘n Ice” and “180GO” pulled their ultra-lite stunt kites out of their bags and performed their kite ballets for the crowd throughout the day. 
    “As the music played, colorful ground displays and banners stood out against the bright white of the ice and snow, catching the little breezes that fooled us into thinking the wind would come up.  At one point, the wind did come up enough to power the spins and bounces of three 25-foot Crown Bols as Al Sparling from Naperville, Ill. worked valiantly to put up his 110-foot - Read More Via e-Edition

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