Passing it on

Family takes pride in Earth Day clean-up

    Helping out with the Clear Lake Earth Days community cleanup has become a treasured tradition for several Clear Lake families.
    It has become a precious time for grandparents and grandchildren to hang out, make memories and accomplish things

together.  That can be a rarity in today’s over-scheduled world.  And it can be an important life lesson as well, said Mike Eddy, who along with his wife Sherri, have been doing the earth day cleanup with their granddaughters for over seven years.  “It’s just a big part of life,” Eddy said.  “It’s a way to show just how someone should act and just how someone can do things in life.”
    “We enjoy it,” he said.  They usually include an overnight for the girls at the house, have breakfast and head out to clean a park.  And there is always fun at the Community Festival afterwards with the Fun Run, wild animals and crafts.  As their granddaughters Elizabeth Brandt, 11, and nine-year-old Katherine Brandt get older and have more schedules to contend with, they are adapting their cleanup time to an evening event.  And it will be pizza this year rather than breakfast, Eddy said with a laugh.  But they are all still looking forward to it.
    Eddy became acutely aware of litter as a young man mowing parks in the Swaledale area.
    “I took a lot of pride in how things looked,” he said noting it was a reflection on himself and the community.  And when he was enjoying the - Read More Via e-Edition

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