Partners needed to improve CLHS fields


by Marianne Morf

Jared DeVries grew up with a reverence for “the sacred acre.”  As a graduate of Aplington-Parkersburg High School who played football under the late Ed Thomas, DeVries knows about school and community pride in its facilities.  In recent years he has been carrying on that tradition by spearheading efforts to improve Clear Lake’s athletic fields.

“Friends of Lions Field” have organized raffles and other fundraisers which helped to fund turf improvements at the football field.  Now, DeVries and and his wife, Jamie, are looking to team-up with others to financially support field improvements and maintenance to the Lions’ baseball and softball fields.

“We started with the football field-- which is also used for soccer, trying to improve the playing surface and make it more safe and appealing,” explained DeVries.  “The school has a limited budget, so the Friends group has been working to pick up additional costs so that fertilizing, aerating and over-seeding can continue.”

And while care of the football field has been ongoing, the baseball field has become the next focus of attention.  Over the summer and early fall over 800-pounds of grass seed was spread on the field, followed by aeration and fertilizer.  

Next year the softball field will be addressed.  In preparation, some weed control and fertilizing has taken place this fall.

“The Friends started with raffles and other things about two years ago to raise money for the work and a lot of people contributed, helping us to put about $30,000 (including some equipment) into the fields,” said DeVries.  “Now, we would like to find a few who would like to partner on an annual basis to maintain the work.”

DeVries said he is pleased to see players and the community taking pride in the facilities and notes parents, athletes and various businesses have been hugely supportive of the work done at the fields.  In addition to financial contributions, labor has also been appreciated.  DeVries credits Jeremy Amosson, grounds superintendent at Veteran’s Memorial Golf Course in Clear Lake, as the turf expert helping Friends of Lions Field achieve quality results.  Parents and players can be seen after home football games replacing divots - Read More Via e-Edition

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