Pair of city employees announce retirement

    A pair of longtime City employees have given notice that they intend to take advantage of the city’s early retirement incentive program and will leave their posts at the end of the fiscal year in June 2012.  Together, they represent 61 years of experience on the job.

    Parks and Recreation Director Sue Keefe will step down after 26 years of service.  Keefe joined the department as an assistant in July 1986.  She accepted the position as director three years ago when Vicki Hensley retired.
    Dennis Ouverson will be leaving the city’s Street Department after 35 years.  Ouverson has been involved with many aspects of the city’s public works.
    City Administrator Scott Flory noted the retirement incentive program offer expired Dec. 31, 2011.  He said Keefe and Ouverson both submitted the necessary notice of intent to retire by June 30, 2012, but either could change their mind before then for some unforeseeable circumstance.

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