Outgoing Council members thanked for their service

(Above) Mayor Nelson Crabb presented outgoing Council members Tony Nelson and Gary Hugi with awards in recognition of their service to the city.-Reporter photo.

City Council members Gary Hugi and Tony Nelson were thanked for their service to the city and presented with tokens of appreciation and kind words by Mayor Nelson Crabb and City staff at the conclusion of Monday’s Council meeting.

“Gentlemen, you have paid your civic rent.  It’s not how much you know, it’s how much you care.  And these men cared,” said Crabb.

Hugi had retired from Yohn Co. when he was elected to the Council in 2014.  Crabb said his experience as a supervisor at the company was especially valuable when it came to infrastructure projects.

“He was a very astute Council person— always asking the who, what, where, when, why and how.  These are critical questions when involving the public’s money.  Gary knew that.  He was visible nearly every day in our office asking questions.  His presence was very important to us and the community.  He didn’t miss a meeting in four years— that’s 96 meetings.  He truly cares about this town,” said Crabb.

Nelson chose to run for City Council after becoming involved in the planning process for reconstruction of South Shore Drive.  He was elected in 2010.

“Tony was also inquisitive with all projects,” said Crabb.  “He considered the concerns of his ward first and foremost and was a representative for them.”

Crabb also noted Nelson served as the city’s representative on the Landfill of North Iowa’s Board and made critical decisions for the entire North Iowa region as a member of that group.

Dana Brant and Bennett Smith will be sworn in at the Council’s Jan. 2 meeting.  Brant will serve as an At-Large Councilman, while Smith will represent the Second Ward.

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