Ornaments remain on The Giving Tree

    With only about one week remaining until its scheduled deadline, approximately 55 ornaments remain hanging on The Giving Tree at the Clear Lake Mirror-Reporter office. 
    This is the 22nd year the Mirror-Reporter has teamed with Clear Lake and Ventura Schools, Head Start and Charlie Brown to present The Giving Tree.  Perhaps not

surprisingly, this year the tree began with a record 280 ornaments.   Those signing up for help this holiday season have requested food for the holidays and gifts for children.  Ornaments on The Giving Tree state the age and gender of a child, along with any special needs they may have this holiday season.  Other ornaments list the size of families seeking gifts of food.
    The ornaments may be checked out at the Clear Lake Mirror-Reporter office, 12 N. 4th St., Monday-Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Packages must be turned back into the Reporter office by Monday, Dec. 12.
    Financial contributions are also welcomed for The Giving Tree.  Mirror-Reporter staff will use the donations to purchase food gift certificates and gifts for Giving Tree families.
For more information about The Giving Tree, contact Marianne Morf at the Clear Lake Mirror-Reporter, 641-357-2131.

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