Oh Boy! What a Winter Dance Party

“Oh Boy!” The Surf Ballroom hosted another fantastic three day Winter Dance Party.

Rock and roll fans from throughout the country and overseas descended on the Surf last week and enjoyed a full slate of local events, as well as music, music and more music.

The Winter Dance Party Sock Hop held on Wednesday continues to grow.  The event was added a few years ago as a way to allow even more people to get in on the fun.  Admission to the sock hop is separate from the three-day Winter Dance Party ticket and is a small fraction of the price.

Tom Comer, who was dancing with his daughter, Sara, said he was initially hesitant to take the dance floor, but was glad he did.

“Her friends were going to be here with their parents and we decided to give in.  I had forgotten how much fun this type of thing is.”

Many of the Dance Party events are free or only have a nominal fee, including just spending time looking at the many musical artifacts on display in the Surf Lounge.

Jason Dennis, a new resident of Clear Lake, spent some time at the Surf Friday with his Beaumont, Texas, family. The Texans were surprised and pleased to see the music of their native son,  J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, being remembered and celebrated.

“There’s a lot of names on the memory wall (at the Surf) that I haven’t thought about for quite a while,” said Lela Gilchrist.  “Back then it seemed so easy to get up and dance along with the music.  Now I have to think about it, but it still makes me want to,” she laughed.

The three nights of music were a virtual sell-out, as always, according to Surf Executive Director Laurie Lietz.

The commitment to bringing 50s era recording stars, as well as others who promote the music of the times, was well received.

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