Newcomer tosses hat into City election

Jim Boehnke announces candidacy for Ward 3


    Jim Boehnke, 1510 N. 23rd St., has announced his candidacy for the City Council from Ward 3. 
    “I am running, because I believe that I can make a difference for Ward 3 and for the city I love,” stated Boehnke in a news release.  “As a life-long resident of Clear Lake, I know this is a community rooted in the traditions of strong family, personal responsibility, and hard work.  I want to help maintain these traditions and create new

opportunities in a fiscally responsible manner.  I believe my previous work experience in the public sector with the Clear Lake Community School District’s transportation division and now as a small business person has provided me with a unique background that will enable me to listen, understand, and be responsive to the constituents of Ward 3.”
    If elected, Boehnke said he will focus on the growth of our tax base in order to help reduce the overall tax burden, enabling business growth and opportunity while still protecting Clear Lake’s - Read More Via e-Edition

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