New era of education begins in Ventura


The new school year was the start of a whole new era in the Ventura School system.  The high school has been transformed to a Junior High, where seventh and eighth graders from Garner-Hayfield and Ventura reported for classes Monday. Ventura high school students are now in Garner.

“The first day of school for the V/G-H Junior High and the G-H/V High School were both great.  The kids so so helpful to each other and they are getting along marvelously,” said Superintendent Tyler Willliams.

The school leader reported 180 junior high students attended school Monday at the Ventura site.  There were 96 seventh graders and 84 eighth graders.  High school numbers are not finalized, but it appears that the count will be in the 375 range, said Williams. 

During the 2011-12 school year there were about 67 junior high students and about 107 high school students at Ventura, according to the school district.

“Over 100 kids from the former Ventura High School are attending the G-H/V High School.  That’s a very large number,” he said.

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