New Cabin Coffee Co. distribution center keeps ‘happy, fun’ business growing

(Above) Cabin Coffee owners Angie and Brad Barber pose for a photo in one of the offices in their new Roasting and Distribution and Franchise Support building in Cleaer Lake.  The map behind them denotes the 15 Cabin Coffee locations throughout the country.-Reporter photo.

Hundreds of coffee lovers and others were on hand Saturday morning to congratulate Angie and Brad Barber on construction and official opening of Cabin Coffee Company’s new Roasting and Distribution and Franchise Support Center in Clear Lake.

The facility, located at 408 S. 15th St., is just the latest in the story of remarkable business growth which has definitely supported the owners’ slogan, “Just be Happy...and Have Fun!”

Cabin Coffee Co., a franchise company, has 15 locations in six states, with a 16th set to open in 2018.  The first Cabin Coffee location opened on Main Avenue in Clear Lake on Dec. 6, 2002, and Saturday’s event also served as the highlight of Cabin Coffee Company’s 15th anniversary celebration.

As the couple greeted those attending the open house, visitors couldn’t help but admire the expansion of the home-grown business.

The couple says they dreamed of creating roots in Clear Lake by opening a business.  While visiting Des Moines, Iowa in 2001 the couple and their daughter, Abbie, stopped in a Bruegger’s Bagel.  On their way home Angie remarked that she wished there was a place in Clear Lake to get a bagel.  Brad agreed.

During the two hour drive from Des Moines to Clear Lake they brainstormed for design ideas and a basic plan for the business.  They first discussed the decor; both Brad and Angie loved the look of log homes so it just made sense for the main theme of the coffee shop to be a warm and cozy environment like a log home.  Abbie, who was just five-years-old at the time, suggested the name of Cabin Coffee Company.

A business plan was generated within a month and submitted to several lending companies.

The dream faced potential set

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