Meet Kilo

Clear Lake Police Department welcomes new K-9 officer

The Clear Lake Police Department is continuing its tradition of including a K-9 officer on its staff.

“Kilo” is being introduced to the community as a single purpose narcotics dog teamed with police officer Cory Gute.  Kilo is replacing a German Shepherd named “Quanto” who had been

 assigned to Gute in March 2011.  After one year of work, Police Chief Greg Peterson said the decision was made to return Quanto to Mid-Michigan Kennels and replace him with a single purpose dog.  Quanto has already been reassigned and now is at work in Indiana, Peterson reports.

Kilo, a 16-month-old black labrador retriever, is ready for drug detection work, but is still polishing his manners in public.

“He’s still a youngster and acts like a puppy, at times,” said Gute. “But he is certified as a narcotics dog and is ready to help.”

Gute and Kilo recently completed a three-week training program at Mid-Michigan Kennels and will continue training exercises here.  Gute is hopeful that as Kilo matures, he can also learn tracking skills.   The dog must be certified yearly by the International Police Work Dog Association for its narcotics work.  

Kilo is the only K-9 officer in Cerro Gordo County and rides with Gute on almost every shift.  Since joining the department in June, the dog has been used roughly twice a week.  He was recently introduced to Clear Lake Rotary Club members and soon will make more public appearances, visiting schools and providing demonstrations for interested groups.

“We live together and go to work together.  I hope we become effective partners,” said Gute.

Chief Peterson said he believes a K-9 officer is a valuable tool.

“I consider a K-9 officer to be a bargain investment,” said Peterson, noting that hiring another officer for the force could run - Read More Via e-Edition

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