Mayor directs police chief to lead investigation of drowning

    The City of Clear Lake is initiating a review of all matters surrounding the drowning and recovery of the body of a Clear Lake teenager June 30.
    Mayor Nelson Crabb said he feels an “incident review” would be due diligence by the city.  It will involve all parties who responded to the June 30 emergency involving 16-year-old Jerrad Ramon.   Crabb asked Clear Lake Police Chief Greg Peterson to spearhead the review.

    At approximately 4:23 p.m. that day the Clear Lake Police Department received a call that a swimmer had gone under water approximately 200 yards south of the downtown boat ramp at the end of Main Avenue, stated a joint news release issued by the CLPD and Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office.  Ramon’s body was pulled from the water at 8:28 p.m.
    Ramon and another boy swam together to a marker buoy and were swimming back when Ramon complained he was in trouble.  According to his friend and other witnesses, Ramon waved his arms and went under the water and did not surface again.  A couple of men on the shoreline swam toward the troubled swimmer to help, but he disappeared under the water before they reached his location.  Emergency personnel estimated the drowning occurred in water 10-12 feet deep.
    Members of the CLPD, Clear Lake Fire Department and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources began rescue efforts.  Approximately one hour into the event the efforts changed to a recovery effort led by the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office.  Eight members of the Iowa Underwater Search and Rescue, based out of Mason City, were summoned to help in the recovery effort.  The Ventura Fire Department, Iowa State Patrol and Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
    The mayor has asked Clear Lake Police Chief Greg Peterson to spearhead the incident review. 
    In addition to the emergency crews which responded, Clear Lake Parks and Recreation Director Sue Keefe has said she or a member of her board will be included in the review since the drowning occurred in the vicinity of City Beach.  Mayor Crabb also suggested a member of the - Read More Via e-Edition

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