Man sentenced to 10-years for attempting to steal child

A Belmond man accused of trying to steal an infant from a Clear Lake bar earlier this year has been sentenced to 10-years in prison.

Jonathan Workman, 34, entered an Alford plea on the charge of child stealing after he was accused of trying to take a six-month-old from Rumorz on April 20.  An Alford plea means the defendant does not admit guilt but acknowledges prosecutors can likely prove the charge. Two other charges in the case were dismissed.  

He was sentenced Monday in Cerro Gordo County District Court.

Katie Showalter, owner of Rumorz, pulled into the bar with her baby on her way home approximately 3:45 p.m. to change him and to use the restroom.  Showalter, 37, left the baby with a friend, 48-year-old Margaret Bigelow of Clear Lake, while she went upstairs to use the restroom.  Suddenly, a man who was a patron in the bar walked up to the counter, reached over the shoulder of Bigelow and pulled the child out of her arms, knocking her over backwards in the process. As the man attempted to leave, patrons in the bar blocked his way and tried to get the child from him. 

Workman tried to leave with the baby, but bar patrons stopped him.  Workman kept insisting it was his baby, but after some time gave the child to Showalter and left.

Workman was originally charged with child stealing, two charges of assault as well as child endangerment and public intoxication.  The child endangerment charge was dismissed two weeks later.

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