Local police report holiday scams

It’s the season of giving— and unfortunately, taking.

Clear Lake police report approximately 25 scams have surfaced since Oct. 1.  Most have been unsuccessful, however, a few have resulted in stolen personal information or money.

“In most cases, the reporting person was able to determine the caller was a possible scammer and no loss occurred,” said Clear Lake Police Chief Pete Roth.  “However, there have been a small number of incidents where personal information and/or money was provided to the callers.”

Roth explained that some of the common phone and internet scams experienced in our area are:

•The Internal Revenue Service (IRS):  A caller makes a general claim that you owe back taxes and requests immediate payment, usually through a credit or debit card.  The call may contain a threat of court action if payment is not made.

•Grandparent:  The caller will claim a family member is in immediate need of money or is in jail.

•Winner of a prize: You will receive a phone call congratulating you on winning a prize, like a cruise.

•Tech support: A call or email notice is received, stat-

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