Lincoln School comes down

    The former Lincoln Elementary School, at the corner of 4th Avenue South and South 8th Street, began coming down this week.      
    The building had been vacant since 2008 when the Clear Lake School Board sold the former school building and

grounds for $200,000 to Ken Wilhelm, of Norfolk, Neb. in 2008.  A twin home was constructed on the site, but no further development took place and the entire property was eventually placed on the market.  
    Tom Green and Gary Veeder, of The Green Group, L.L.C. based in Charles City, purchased the 4.25 acre school site late last year.  The men, along with a third member of the Green Group, Cameron Green, plan to develop 18 housing units on the site.  The newest portions of the school building, a pair of single story additions comprising approximately 11,000 square feet at the north of the original building, will be kept and renovated to become six condominium units.  The remainder of the housing will be primarily twin homes. 
    The developers were able to salvage the large concrete “Lincoln School” signage which had been a part of the structure since it was built in 1926. The piece will be used elsewhere on the site.  In addition, they plan to relocate the school’s flag pole to the center park-like commons area of the development. 

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