Learning spans generations with school and seniors partnership

by Marianne Morf

    Betty Grell had her students’ full attention, but it was a far cry from her days as a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse.  Last week Grell visited Clear Creek Elementary School as one of five residents from Oakwood Care Center and its adjoining assisted living complex, The Courtyard.

    Second grade teacher Laura Crispin said she hopes the plan to bring students and seniors together once a month will help her students learn about others living in the community of different ages and teach respect.
    Jacob Lee, marketing coordinator at Oakwood Care Center, explained the intergenerational program allows seniors and children to work together, as well as keeps seniors active in the Clear Lake community.
    By the looks of Thursday’s first get-together, the program is a success on all levels.
    A small group of students listened as Grell told them about teaching in a country school by the airport.  Her students were a range of ages.
    “Were there school buses?” one asked. 
    “What was your favorite subject?” asked another.
    There were no buses back then for students, she answered, much to their  surprise.  Reading was her favorite subject-- and still is, she shared.  Then she told them how much she loved to come to Clear Lake in the summertime.
    “To swim?” they wanted to know.
    “I never learned to swim.  But you should.  It’s important,” said Grell.
    Jeanette Severtson enjoyed listening to students at her table read a short story they had written about themselves.  And like Lila  Harrison and Delores  Ackarman, she was looking forward to posting the students’ artwork and stories in the - Read More Via e-Edition

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