Lake Theater gets ready to step into the digital age


The Lake Theater has held an important place in Clear Lake’s history.  And now, thanks to a significant investment by the Sherman family, it will continue to be a source of entertainment and pride in our community.

A $100,000-plus conversion from film to digital projection is expected to be complete next week at the theater. 

“The major film companies are not mass producing 35mm films anymore; our 35mm projector is almost obsolete,” explained John Sherman, who like his brothers Bob and Tom practically grew up at the theater owned by their parents, Gene and Betty.  “Our choice was to do the digital upgrade, or not be 

able to show films anymore.  By going ahead with the digital conversion, we’re taking the next big step.”

For the past several years John has been the only person able to load the heavy films into the 35mm projectors the theater has utilized.  

“It’s like carrying a bag of cement when you go up the steps with the 60-pound film canisters, and then you need to put the reels onto a big platter.  Soon, the machines will be programmed and we can push a button-- maybe even from the lobby-- to start the film,” said John. 

A new silver screen was installed at the theater last week and the shipment of a new projector and sound equipment is expected by Friday.  The new system, coming from Midwest Cinema, is expected to be in place in the former upstairs film room next week.  The theater will be closed Monday, Jan. 14, and will re-open Friday, Jan. 18.  

At press time, the Shermans had not yet received word about what their first digital movie will be on Jan. 18.

“The technology has gotten so much better.  People are already seeing a sharper picture just from the new screen,” said Bob.  “The lenses on the new equipment will also make the picture brighter.  We’re going from a 2500 watt bulb to a 3000 watt bulb with the new projector.”

The digital upgrades at the Lake Theater also include 3-D capability. 

“We decided to make the additional investment to make our system capable of showing 3-D films-- giving those who come to the Lake - Read More Via e-Edition

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