Lake school district and teachers begin contract talks

Seven opt for early retirement


    The Clear Lake School Board and district educators exchanged contract proposals Monday.  The Board is offering no increase in teacher salaries for the 2012-2013 school year, while the Clear Lake Education Association is seeking a 5.5 percent raise in the generator salary base.

    Overall, the CLEA is asking for an 8.53 percent total package increase.  The district’s total package offer is 2.47 percent.
    The School Board entered into closed session to discuss negotiation strategy following the regular meeting agenda Monday night.
    During the regular business meeting the board approved early retirement applications from seven teachers: Laurie Calgaard, Mary Gagnon, Dr. Robyn Kramer, Vickie Lenz, Jerry Morris, Eileen Taylor and Fred Wieck.  The incentive package provides up to four years of insurance coverage and a cash stipend calculated on the difference between the salary schedule base and the teacher’s current salary.

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