Investigation continues into accident

    Three people were injured while exiting a carnival ride Monday in Clear Lake City Park.
    At 4:12 p.m. Clear Lake police responded to a call that three individuals were injured at “The Hurricane” ride, owned by Evans United Shows.  When officers arrived it was discovered that the persons were on the ride

platform after just getting off the ride. They had not fully exited the platform and when the ride resumed operation they were allegedly struck and pushed off the ride platform, according to the police report.
    Twenty-two year-old Brittany Hunn, of Charles City, and 23-year-old Ashley Castino, of Mason City, were taken to Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa in Mason City.  Hunn was admitted, while Castino was treated and released. Another person injured, 30-year-old Tyrone Brooks of Mason City, sought his own medical attention.
    The investigation into the incident continues, according to police.
    Evans United Shows immediately summoned inspectors to the site to determine the safety of the ride.  Inspectors for the State of Iowa ruled that the ride was safe to operate.

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