Inching closer


Following a week filled with rain, the level of Clear Lake is inching ever so close to spilling over the weir.  The Clear Lake Water Department reported the lake level as -0.24 inches below the weir Tuesday, May 28. That’s a 

remarkable recovery from the -31.44 reported when the ice was declared frozen over on Dec. 11, 2012.  By the time the ice was “out”-- just five weeks ago on April 14, the level had improved to -17.04.  With continued rain in the forecast the lake is poised to finally spill over the weir soon.  As remarkable as the lake level gain seems to be this year, Paul Fredriksen, from the Water Department, said on June 4, 1990 the lake was measured at -42.0 inches below the weir.  On June 4, 1991 the level was +7.92 above the weir-- a gain of 49.92 inches in 365 days.-Reporter photo by Chris Barragy.


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