Ice in, Aerators on


Lake users advised to use caution


Clear Lake officially froze Dec. 11. 

With the onset of ice cover, officials with the Iowa DNR would like to remind lake users that the winter aeration system is now operating.  The aerators are located on the east shore in front of the water 

treatment plant and the north shore near the pump station west of Venetian Village.  Individuals using the lake this winter should stay completely away from these open water areas.  Unsafe ice in the vicinity of the aerators will vary depending upon the weather.  The open water will be marked with reflective thin ice signs once the ice becomes safe enough to travel on.

The average ice-in date for Clear Lake is Nov. 28.

The aerators are designed to reduce the probability of winter fish kill in an attempt to maintain a high quality fishery.  

The other aeration systems in North Central Iowa are located on Rice Lake, Crystal Lake and Little Wall.

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