Hospital posts Level One visitation restriction

Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa has enforced Level One Visitation Restriction for the protection of patients and to prevent the further spread of influenza.

During Level One Visitation Restriction at Mercy – North Iowa:

•Visitors with respiratory and/or influenza like symptoms are restricted from visiting hospitalized patients;

•Visitors are triaged for Influenza like symptoms before entering the Birth Center and/or Pediatric unit;

•Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette are monitored and enforced by staff;

•Patients in isolation are limited to significant other/parents and two visitors.

•Hospital vendors/suppliers are asked to avoid face to face contact.


Mercy – North Iowa realizes there may be circumstances that need special consideration, in those cases families should call the nurse in charge on the unit they wish to visit prior to arriving at the hospital. 

Per its policy, Mercy – North Iowa enforces a Level One Visitation Restriction when there are confirmed cases of influenza in the area. In the event that influenza becomes more prevalent in Iowa, Mercy – North Iowa will enforce stricter visitation guidelines.

  “As a healthcare organization it is our responsibility and obligation to protect our patients, visitors, and co-workers, as well as ourselves and families, against the seasonal influenza virus,” said Paul Manternach, M.D., senior vice president/chief medical officer, Mercy – North Iowa.

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