Holiday festival just gets better and better


Two words summed up this year’s Christmas By The Lake celebration for organizer Gene Madson.  “The best!”

“Every year I think it’s better than the year before and that we’ll never top it,” said Madson.  “But I can honestly say that this year was the best we’ve ever had.”

Much of the credit for bringing thousands to Clear Lake for a weekend of traditional holiday fun went to the unseasonably warm weather.  With temperatures in the mid-50’s, outside fun like the petting zoo, roasting marshmallows and partaking in Christmas Karaoke on a street corner was enjoyable.  Even those in the long lines for a visit with Santa or a ride on the Main Street Trolley or horse drawn carriage remained festive.

Helpers at Santa’s City Park house estimated he heard the Christmas wishes of more than 600 children in the four hours he was home on Saturday.  

Even the fog which blanketed the downtown as the Lighted Parade and Fireworks seemed to add to the ambiance of the special day, Madson added.

An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 people watched the Lighted Parade and then proceeded to the lakeshore to watch the amazing fireworks display.  The crowd filled Main Avenue from the lakeshore to 3rd Street.

Large crowds also enjoyed Sunday’s activities, including the ever-popular Polar Bear Club’s Take a Dip - Read More Via e-Edition

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