Hogg finds the recipe for fun is in the kitchen

by Alli Weaver

At 11-years-old, Avah Hogg is jumping into the world of baking, and blowing away her family and friends with her quickly developing skills.

“My family hates to bake, so whenever I wanted something, I’d have to bake it myself,” Avah said.

After watching some cake decorating videos on YouTube, Avah decided that she would like to start baking and decorating various desserts to see what she could do.

“She’s always trying something new,” Avah’s mother, Amy Hogg said.

Avah has tried her hand at many delights, ranging from cupcakes and cakes to cream puffs, and would like to make cannolis sometime soon. Amy tries to let Avah learn on her own, as she doesn’t have a lot of experience with baking.

In an effort to continue growing in her baking abilities, Avah has even taken baking classes at NIACC and in Florida when the family went on vacation.

She mostly bakes for her family and friends, but has also baked for birthday parties and fundraisers.  She has even been invited to bake a cake for a wedding, but she has never made one before. Avah plans to practice making them, and perhaps she will bake for weddings in the future. To read more of this article, please login or sign up for our E-Edition


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