Hauling continues 24/7 while temporary sewer line is installed at Ventura Grade

 A temporary pipe is expected to be operational today (Wednesday, June 25) spanning Ventura Heights to Ventura in the wake of a sewer line break June 9. North Iowa Septic Service (NISS) workers were busy Monday floating and attaching a baffle curtain to a temporary pipe spanning approximately 1,200 feet to the park area at the Ventura Grade.

 When the pipe is operational, the Sanitary District will be able to stop its round the clock transport of wastewater from the site.

Godbersen-Smith Construction, of Ida Grove, was working on a road and culvert project on the Ventura grade when they struck a sewer force main, releasing a small, but unknown, amount of wastewater to Clear Lake, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The Clear Lake Sanitary District responded immediately and shut down the pump station that serves the Ventura sewer line.

 Sanitary District Superintendent Kevin Moler said his staff transports approximately 25 6,000 gallon loads each day from pump station 2 to pump station 1, located on the lake’s north shore just east of The Baptist Camp. Four other 6,000 gallon tanks and one 4,000 gallon tank are on standby for a wet weather situation. Since the break occurred, the Sanitary District has maintained a two person crew on the job, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
 Moler reports bids have been solicited from two drilling contractors familiar with the project. District Trustees expect to award a contract Thursday.
 The permanent pipe for the area will be staged and fused by NISS in the same location as the temporary pipe, said Moler. That work will occur while the driller works the week of July 7. 

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