Harley is hooked!

Fishing trip turns into $1,000 payday for angler

Fishing was not only fun, but profitable, for an Oelwein, Iowa father and son on Sunday.  Steve M. Ralston and his son, Steve C., reeled in a tagged walleye worth $1,000.

The elder Ralston had received a gift certificate for an outing on Clear Lake with Paul’s Fishing Guide as a Christmas gift from his wife.  But when that didn’t work out, he opted for a spring outing with guide Kevan Paul.

Paul, who just a few weeks earlier was part of the winning team at the Walleye Classic held on Clear Lake, took the Ralstons to the “little lake” at Ventura to fish.  They were using leeches with jigs and slip bobbers, at depths of eight to nine-feet, when they hooked “Harley,” the 2013 $1,000 walleye tagged by the Clear Lake Fishing Club and released by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources at the conclusion of the 2013 Walleye Classic.  The fish was known as “Harley” because it is sponsored by Harley Davidson of Mason City.

Steve C. hooked Harley, a four-pounder and carefully reeled him in as Paul readied the net.  

The fishermen took the tagged fish to The Crazy Minnow Bait Co., where owner Dan Krauth confirmed it was the $1,000 tagged fish.  

Steve Minert, co-owner of Harley - Read More Via e-Edition

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