Groups benefit from RAGBRAI overnight here

Committee disperses profits to three groups

The work of the Clear Lake RAGBRAI Committee began far in advance and continued even after bicyclists and their support crews rolled through.

The 2017 Clear Lake RAGBRAI Steering Committee did not officially conclude their responsibilities until Dec. 5, when the committee met to determine the disbursal of the $4,503.72 profit from the event.

The Steering Committee was an independent group of citizens who worked together to promote Clear Lake in conjuntion with the July 25, 2017 overnight RAGBRAI stay here.

“Because it was an independent group, they were totally responsible for raising the funds needed for this, and therefore were also responsible for the financial profit or loss of the event,” explained local RAGBRAI Chair Diane Thompson.

Traditionally, the RAGBRAI Steering Committees has put aside funds for the next Steering Committee and this year $2,502.72 was set aside, according to Thompson.  “This will help the next committee pay for expenses before other income can be generated,” she said.

Three groups will be gifted from the 2017 profits: $1,000 will be given to the Clear Lake School District’s Students and Families in Need of Assistance; $500 to the North Iowa Spin Club; $500 for the Clear Lake High School group traveling to Washington, D.C. in 2018.

The Steering Committee was pleased to be able to support the CERT (Cerro Gordo County Emergency Response Team) and Hurricane Harvey recovery effort with 450 gallons of water left over from Clear Lake’s RAGBRAI supplies.

Remaining 2014 and 2017 CL RAGBRAI T-shirts were distributed to agencies who distribute clothing to those in need, Thompson added.

“This Steering Committee had two goals when it began its work on March 7, 2017 – to promote Clear Lake and to not lose money,” said Thompson.  “We accomplished both and had a great time working together and with area residents and businesses who contributed in so many ways to make 2017 Clear Lake RAGBRAI a huge success.”

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