Google unveils program for veterans here

“From our veteran community to yours.”


    Google unveiled a Christmas gift, of sorts, to Clear Lake area veterans on Monday.  Google officials were at the Clear Lake V.F.W. Post to unveil a new, free “Google for Veterans and Families” program which puts a number of tools at veterans’ fingertips, helping them to do everything from connect with other vets, to finding a job, to sharing their own military stories.

    Harry Wingo and Jim Wilt from Google, who have both served in the military overseas and helped to create the new Google for Veterans and Families site, shared features of the new web portal product.  The website brings together a number of existing Google tools like Google Voice & Google+ as well as creating new tools like a Resume Builder, 3D Tour Builder and a YouTube veterans channel.
    “This single interface brings together Google products and platforms for service members and their families. It will be valuable to all veterans, whether still in the service, transitioning out or on a new journey in their civilian lives,” said Wingo.
    Pieces of the veterans website include Google Veteran Channel, where you can hear about other veterans’ transition experiences and share tips; a 3D Tour Builder which allows the user to create a record of service by mapping locations you visited in Google Earth; Vet Connect to find veterans you may have served with; and resume builder to easily create a professional looking resume.
    “We understand the challenges of serving, coming home and transitioning to civilian life.  We’ve been there.  Some of us are still figuring it out.  These free Google products have made our lives easier.  Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you.”
    In addition to providing support for veterans, is also a - Read More Via e-Edition

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