Good-bye, Old Friend

64-year-old water tower comes down

Planner expected to visit with Council  Monday with ideas for the site

There was no greater spectator sport in Clear Lake last week than watching the iconic City Beach water tower come down.

“It’s a little piece of history going away,” said Keith Hanson, who coined the phrase spectator sport when looking around at all those 

gathered in the Sea Wall area Wednesday, April 24.  “I grew up here and it’s all I’ve ever known on that space.  It’ll sure be different without it.”

David Bowers said he remembers the water tower being built when he was just eight-years-old.  He watched with interest as it was dismantled, piece by piece, by skilled workers from Iseler Demolition, Inc., of Romeo, Mich. 

  Seeing the process reminded Bowers of an even earlier water tower, the pipe stand which once occupied the center of City Park.  And while the 64-year-old City Beach tower didn’t become coated with ice in the winter months the way Bowers and others remember the City Park tower, this one still will conjure up memories for many.

“A bitter-sweet feeling overcame me,” said Melanie Betels, who said she watched the water tower demo from her window just across the street.  “I realize it is antiquated and its time has passed, but it has been part of our landscape and a beacon to our city for years.  One of my earliest memories is that it was the place we as kids meet Dad when it was time to leave the Fourth of July celebrations.”  Betels added that she is thankful the tower is featured in a number of paintings and pictures.  “It will always remain a majestic Clear Lake landmark” she said.

John Schlobohm also lived in the shadow of the water tower for many years.

“There goes a landmark,” said Schlobohm, who happened to be walking downtown Wednesday and was drawn to watch the demolition.  “It’ll be strange to see that area with out it.”  


What’s next?

The future of the water tower site is something the Clear Lake City Council is expected to begin discussing at their next meeting, Monday, May 6.  

Mayor Nelson Crabb said he expects the - Read More Via e-Edition

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