GHV wins game of wills, 7-0

By Scott Watson

It was a game with a lot of heart.  Garner-Hayfield/Ventura(7-2) 

pulled out a narrow 7-0 win against the Forest City Indians (4-5) Friday night. Both teams tallied over 200 yards of offense, but it was 

defense and sheer willpower that allowed the Cardinals to come away victorious. 

“I am extremely proud of how our boys played the game,” said GHV Head Coach Scott VanDusseldorp. “They were able to keep their composure in a very physical rival game.”

The first quarter featured solid ball movement and takeaways. The first Indian drive was halted near the 50-yard line as GHV’s Zach Scholl intercepted a pass. The favor was returned, however, when a Tyler Buck fumble put the ball back into Forest City’s hands. 

In the following possession, Forest City put together a serious drive and was knocking when the GHV defense held their ground just short of the red zone and put a stop to the Indians’ advance.

A few possessions into the second quarter, Forest City mounted another attack into GHV territory. But another takeaway in the form of an interception by Colton Knutson stopped the momentum once again.

GHV’s offense struggled in the first half, as they were forced time and time again to punt the ball to gain better field position. The Cardinal defense stood tough and had them gaining ground, as key takeaways and huge stands kept the Indians out of the end zone.

The third quarter was one of short possessions. Few drives went further than 15-yards.

In the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Cardinals’ third-quarter efforts paid off with a string of successful runs ending with a Spencer Shaw touchdown and Braden Meints point after touchdown field goal kick.

But the Indians were not so quick to relent. Upon receiving the kickoff, Forest City showed a great deal of heart, marching the length of the field to knock on the Cardinals’ door to see who was home. GHV’s defense stepped up big and squandered the Forest City attack.

However, once the Indians got the ball back, Forest City again drove the length of the field only to be stopped once more inside the Cardinals’ red zone with a resounding finality.

The final score was 7-0, - Read More Via e-Edition

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